One Star Country Club is the time machine bringing you back to when going out to eat or grabbing a drink was just plain fun.

Restaurants and bars used to be one of the best places to escape from craziness in the world, take a break from your reality, or enhance an already great day. Somewhere along the way, we feel that engaging and accepting atmosphere got lost in anonymous online criticism, over complicated ingredients and service being boiled down to completing a transaction. At One Star Country Club, we’re going back to the days when you could walk into a bar for the first time, by yourself, and leave with ten new friends.

We never claim to be perfect, but we try very hard to be perfectly us. And we’ve created an environment where you can be perfectly you! No matter our differences, we can all find common ground in enjoying simple fun.

If you enjoy your experience here, we would appreciate and encourage you to leave us a one star review on your favorite online review platform. At the end of each month, we’ll give away a happy hour to whoever leaves us the most clever one star review!

There’s no membership required at One Star Country Club. We’re just five star fun, with a One Star feel.


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